Laser sensors

Laser light consists of light waves of the same wave length with a fixed phase ratio (coherence). This results in an important feature of laser sensors, that is the almost parallel light beam.
The result: Long ranges can be achieved thanks to the small angle of divergence. The laser spot which is clearly visible even in daylight makes the alignment of the system easier.


  • Reliable detection of tiny objects
  • Simple alignment due to visible red light
  • Simple switch point setting via pushbutton
  • Sensors for special applications
  • Accurate fine adjustment by means of system components

Use in assembly and handling technology


Rectangular design O5 for factory automation


Type M18 for factory automation

P_F_WH_W_200_0061 (1)

Distance sensors type O1D

P_F_WH_W_200_0078 (1)

Distance sensors type O1D with 75 m range

P_F_WH_W_200_0165 (1)

Distance sensors type M30 with intuitive operation

P_F_WH_W_200_0146 (1)

Distance sensors type M30

P_F_WH_W_200_0166 (1)

Distance sensors type O5 with display

P_F_WH_W_200_0110 (1)

Cooling boxes and protective housings for distance sensors

P_F_WH_W_200_0150 (3)

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